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Adult Transition Domains

Functional Academics

Includes the academic skills necessary to participate in everyday life, with goals for maximum independence in daily living. Focus of the activities includes math, reading, language arts, local geography, and current events, as well as how these skills apply to the community.


Domestic Skills

Includes skills necessary to allow the student more independence in home/personal management. Focuses on personal health care, responsibility, home management, family/social life, and interpersonal relationships, as well as how these skills apply to the community.


Community Skills

Includes skills necessary for the student to participate in campus, neighborhood, and community environments with successful interdependence. Addresses mobility skills, access to community services, purchasing skills, as well as how these skills apply to the community.


Vocational Skills

The purpose of the Vocational domain is to increase the likelihood of students functioning as contributing adults within our society and increase their opportunities to obtain employment. Instructions in the areas of work-related skills, job-seeking skills, and job skills training are included in this domain.


Recreation & Leisure

The purpose of the Recreation & Leisure domain is to enable students to engage in constructive and personally satisfying leisure activities in school, at home, and in the community. Includes skills necessary to allow students more social independence in their personal lives. Focuses on games, puzzles, hobbies, social gatherings, personal interests, self-regulating behaviors, and how these skills apply within the community