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Paid Internship Program

The Alhambra Unified School District is proud to continue its’ successful partnership  with the East Los Angeles Regional Center in the implementation of the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Paid Internship Program (PIP).  The intent of PIP is to encourage and facilitate paid employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities in a variety of  employment job sites.  The purpose of the program is to increase the vocational skills and abilities of students who choose to participate in a PIP. 


The goal of the PIP program is to:

1. provide students with an opportunity to acquire work experience and to develop employment skills necessary for future paid employment
2. and, to develop a possibility that the internship may lead to a full-or-part-time paid position at the same job site.


All students participating in PIP earn at least minimum wage, work alongside typical peers without disabilities, receive the same benefits as other employees, and are eligible for promotions offered to all other employees.


The East Los Angeles Regional Center has been a valued partner in helping our LIFT students become lifelong learners and contribute to the communities in which they live.